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Thanks to everyone to came to the Denny Garden party on Sunday. And for those of you who couldn’t come, you were missed! There seems to be a number of great ideas about developing the garden, from installing a compost heap to replacing the flagstones with fine gravel (as in Cleaver Square). All ideas are welcome, so please post them here. There is also some interest in having another (probably indoor) get together in January. Watch this space!

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Yesterday Denny Garden wrote to the Lighting PFI Team in Lambeth  about the status of the non-functioning lights in the Street and Crescent. Here was the response:

Thank you for your enquiry .

The new Heritage lights have been installed by Lambeth Lighting services under Private Finance initiative in which 80% of all street lights in Lambeth are to be replaced.

The next stage is for EDF to dig the pavement near lamp columns and carry out cable connections to new lamp columns and  disconnections to the old lamp columns.

EDF had  a number of streets where disconnections and reconnections are being carried out at present . Since April 2008

The new controls on digging of the pavements have come into place and EDF are only allowed a limited number of roads within Lambeth  where they can carry out works at any one time and works require strict adherence to opening and closing notices for Pavements.This has slowed down the progress of connections to new lamp columns however this has also meant that the holes in the street are open for shorter period giving less cause for concern from the residents.

At present I do not have a date for the start of works by EDF in Denny Street but it is anticipated that all works should be completed within next two months

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Many thanks to those of you who responded to the note posted through your doors. There seems to be quite an interest in having a garden party on Sunday, 27 July from 4 -6pm. If you’re free then please come along. For those of you who responded to the note, I’ll knock on your door this week to coordinate what you would like to bring. For everyone else, please bring whatever you like. Weather permitting, it should be a fun afternoon! If the weather refuses to behave, the party will take place at 6 Denny Street.

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Garden Party?

Shall we have a party in the garden?

The proposed date is Sunday 27th July, from 4pm to 6pm.  This would be an opportunity to meet the neighbours, chat about the garden and the trees and generally spend a pleasant – and hopefully sunny – Sunday afternoon making good use of our communal garden.

As a first time event, at least for recent years in Denny Garden, we would not be suggesting anything too grand – just a few drinks and maybe a cake or two that we can cobble together between all of us.  Suggestions are of course welcome.

First of all, it would be good to know that this is an idea with some popular support.  As such, please post a comment to let us know if you will come (and any other thoughts you have), or drop by/pop a note through the door to David and John at 6 Denny Street.

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