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Cast your mind back to August last year and this Denny Garden blog post about the work being done at the time to the streetlights and our observation that our attractive York flagstones were being dug up.  At the time we were given reassurances that any stones removed would be “replaced with a like-for-like surface material”.  As many of you have observed, the concrete or tarmac that was in fact used is not at all an equivalent.

Initial calls to the contractor led to partial reasssurances about some of these being “temporary” fixes, however it has proved necessary to bring in the Conservation and Urban Design Team of Lambeth Council to force any actual action some 10 months later.  We have the tenacity of Scott at number 15 (Street) to thank for this.  He has done the rounds of the various teams at Lambeth, and has been persistent in applying pressure to ensure that the council makes the effort needed on our behalf to negotiate through the web of contractors and sub-contractors responsible for this.

The council has now visited the Street and Crescent with the relevant contractor.  The Conservation Team was of the opinion that the removed flagstones have not been replaced like-for-like.  The contractors have therefroe agreed to replace all of the stones affected by the lighting work to York stone.  They do not have a start date as yet, but we are assure that it will be done.

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Local tradespeople


At the AGM we discussed the sharing of recommendations of local tradespeople and, in the circulated minutes, we asked for contributions of recommendations that we could compile and share.  Unfortunately, not many of these were forthcoming.  Perhaps we are all in need of these recommendations more than we thought!  However the Kennington Association has come to the rescue with its own list of exactly this: local tradespeople, as recommended by its members.

You can access this very useful resource here.

The way this is laid out, you will have to scroll through a few pages (“Older Posts”) to find what you are looking for; nonetheless it is a useful resource and no doubt more comprehensive than we would ever have managed on our own.

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