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You may have heard talk of the ArtsLav project, intended to make use of the disused subterranean Victorian public toilets at Kennington Cross.  The project itself has been around as a concept for some years.  Unfortunately, its leading proponent, and former Chairperson of the Friends of Kennington Cross, Celia Stothard, passed away in December after a lengthy illness.
The current Chairperson of Friends of Kennington Cross reports that the project is however moving forward.  There is now an agreed vendor to replace the paving light seals to make the lavs water tight.  After that they will install fixtures, plumbing and electricals, and then they will make final arrangements to offer the space to Tomorrow’s People.  You will be aware that Tomorrow’s People is the charitable enterprise that operates the flower stall outside St. Anselm’s church.  It is the plan to allow Tomorrow’s People to use the ArtsLav space to store their supplies as well as to set up the stall above ground.
Should you wish to follow the progress of all of this, there is an ArtsLav Facebook page (http://on.fb.me/artslav).  If you are on Facebook you can “Like” the page and be fed updates, but you do not need to be a member of Facebook to access the page.  It is intended that this Facebook page will allow you to watch the ongoing progress for ArtsLav as well as engage in discussions about how you would like to see the project develop.

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All Denny Garden shareholders (owners of the houses from 5-15 Denny Street and 1-16 Denny Crescent) should now have received a copy of the minutes of our recent AGM through their door.  Non-resident landlord owners, your copies were posted on 22nd March to the most recent address held for you.

As at the time of posting, five (of twenty-seven) shareholders still need to pay their £125 annual service charge.  Please do so immediately.

Shareholders should note that the AGM minutes delivered to you are accompanied by a request to complete a Standing Order mandate in respect of future service charge payments, in order to cut down on having to chase payments and to avoid the complications of landlords who move house.  Please follow the instructions – and return your forms as requested – as quickly as possible.

Many thanks,

The Directors, Denny Garden Ltd.


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AGM 2011

Members of Denny Garden Ltd. (i.e. owners of the houses at 5-15 Denny Street and each house around Denny Cresent) should have received through their doors notice of the AGM to take place at 6 Denny Street on Wednesday 9th March 2011 at 8.00pm.

You will also have received an invoice for £125 for the annual maintenance charge for the garden, a cheque for which you are requested to pop through the door of 6 Denny Street or bring to the meeting.

Please attend the meeting if you can. Not only is it a chance to discuss the garden, it will also provide the opportunity to discuss any other neighbourhood issues, meet your neighbours and get involved. The more the merrier and refreshments will be served after the formal part of the meeting.

We look forward to seeing you there.

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